Eating at Borough Market

bm2Living on my own in London means I have two days off a week which are (usually) spent by myself.

I have two options here;

Option one: lie around all day eating dry cereal, not showering and watching Game of Thrones.

Option two: venture out into central London, (probably) get lost three times including on the tube, visit cool foodie spots and eat my body weight in doughnuts.

Option one sounds pretty awesome but some what gross, and option two… that just sounds like the best and most civilised way of spending a day off work.

A lot of people from London (or anywhere else in the UK for that fact) know of Borough Market. It’s not like I’ve ventured into the depths of London and found a little market tucked away down a random alley.

Quite the opposite. It’s about 30 seconds from London Bridge tube station, well known, very hard to miss and it’s about as big as a market can get while still being able to be called a market. Most of it is under a roof so it’s actually a perfect rainy day outing. Oh and it can get busy.

During the week I’m sure the market is fairly spacious. However, I went on a saturday at midday and let me just say, it was hard to get photos without someone getting annoyed at me and not so subtly nudging me. Saying this though, that atmosphere is a part of the market and one of the things that bring it alive.

Theres a wide range of food to suit everyone from Paella, Fresh Fish, Pies, Sausage Baps and Cheese to handcrafted Chocolates, Sourdough, Croissants and Baklava. Lets not forget the beautiful array of bright, vibrant, fresh Fruit and Veg. If I lived in London Bridge, this would definitely become my supermarket.

My favourite purchase of the day was definitely a Salted Caramel Custard Doughnut with Honeycomb (pictured below.) Yes, it was as heavenly as it sounds. I just stood in a secluded corner of the market with custard dripping down my chin, quite inappropriately involved with this Doughnut. If you see this photo and your inner Doughnut demon is raging for a fix, I found this delicious morsel at ‘Bread Ahead.’

So if you’re in central London, looking for a place to indulge your inner foodie or you just want to fraternise with other foodies, head over to Borough Market. Be it rain or shine, it will be there; smelling irresistible, buzzing with excitement and happy bellies.

For opening times and information about the market: Go to Borough Market website

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Author: thegreedysprout

A plant and animal loving baker!

6 thoughts on “Eating at Borough Market”

  1. It is such a great place to visit, although it is so well-known and all that, it still has a great atmosphere and even better food! Being a German and Chilean family, we went straight for the grilled sausages and empanadas…


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