Ah, food. Familiar, comforting, nourishing. My whole existence revolves around it. A permanent friend that follows you through life’s good and bad times. It evokes childhood memories and creates new ones everyday.

My names Hope and I love to bake. I’m a trained Pastry chef by day and a plant-based baker enthusiast by night. Most of my free time is spent in my small London-based kitchen testing out delicious sweet treats free from animal products. Nothing pleases me more than making food for the ones I love; my friends, my family or even someone I just met.

I dream of the day I finally hold my first dinner party (It is yet to happen due to cramped London living.) I assure you it would consist of overflowing flutes of sparkling wine, stereophonics playing in the background, unpretentious humble food and laughter. Lots of laugher.

My plant-based diet is a very recent change for me, and a big one. I transitioned from being a dairy and meat enthusiast to a fully vegan diet overnight. Previously my blog was dedicated to butter laden dishes and all things cream! However, after exploring the many benefits of a plant-based diet, I’m hooked! I still keep my older recipes on the site, which use animal products, simply because they hold a little place in my heart and I’m proud of them.

Whether you’re a vegan, searching for a slightly healthier take on sweet treats or someone simply looking for a different approach to ordinary baking; please accompany me on this plant-based journey of mine. Because everyone is welcome in this little space on the internet.

*Please note that any recipes from Feb 25th 2017 and earlier are not plant-based or animal friendly*



30 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hope!
    This is Christine – the American you worked with a few weeks ago. I love your blog — it is beautiful! I know what hard work it is and you have done a great job. Please stay in touch – you have my email and I hope all is well. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes!


  2. Hope! This is Christine – the American you worked with a couple of weeks ago. I love your blog – you have done a fantastic job with it and the pictures are gorgeous. Would love to stay in touch…please touch base when you have time. All the best and congratulations on all of this beautiful food. Well done!


    1. Hey Christine!
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, so busy! Thank you so much for remembering me mentioning my blog and coming to see it.
      Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, I’ve been a bit behind with blogging lately but hopefully, with christmas around the corner, I’ll be baking a hell of a lot more haha!
      Stay in touch,


  3. Hi, Hope! I found your blog by searching for mine to see if it popped up on google yet 🙂 I love your beautiful photos and recipes, plus the name of your blog!!! Keep on writing and baking.


  4. Hi Hope, lovely to stumble across your blog today. Your photographs are beautiful and your recipes are so creative! I look forward to seeing your posts in my WordPress feed! All the very best, Chez.


  5. I made semlors for family and friends, they just look so darn good! They were wonderful, I am grateful for post and pictures. Without this blog I would have lived ignorant of such delightful tastebuds sensation.


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