Apple, Pear, Plum and Ginger Oat Crumble (Vegan/GlutenFree)


The humble Apple crumble. To many brits out there, this is a childhood favourite filled with nostalgia and memories.

I can remember my mum making apple crumbles throughout my younger years, be it summer or winter. Although, its only been in the last few years I’ve come to love them. Don’t ask me what my aversion to it was when I was growing up, because I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love sweet baked fruit with crunchy doughy topping. But it just wasn’t my thing back then.

I adore making crumbles. They’re quick, simple but deliver bags of flavour. Theres nothing fancy or ornate about them, but they seem to have the ability to both please everyone and bring people together around the dining table.

Plums are delicious this time of year, as are pears. Once baked, they turn soft and syrupy which counters the sharp tang from the trusty bramley apples.

So bring your loved ones together, scoop some ice cream on top and hand out the spoons. No bowls necessary.

*This recipe, and a few others by some different lovely food bloggers, is also available on the HelloFresh blog. Head over there for some more alternative crumble recipes! Click this link to see my crumble and some more Alternative Crumble recipes *


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