Vegan Dark Chocolate, Pecan and Almond Butter Oat Cookies (Gluten free)


Please don’t be put off by the notion of vegan cookies. Trust me, I was a skeptic too. However, in light of recent events (which you’ll hear more about soon), this recipe testing was needed. Vegan cookies were needed.

I’m 100% sure that if someone gave me one of these cookies and didnt tell me they were vegan, I would think they were just normal butter-laden cookies. But guys, theres no butter in sight here! Its been replaced by those heart healthy friends, coconut oil and almond butter. Now I’m not at all saying these are healthy, seen as they’re still packed with sugar and chocolate. Its progress in the right direction though right?

On the other hand however, these babies are full of oats, almonds and pecans. All good for you and all filling. A few of these are a perfect snack pick me up to get you through to dinner time and if you’re anything like me, your need for a sweet treat throughout the day is covered. These can also be made gluten free with gluten free oats.

They’re basically the jesus of all cookies.


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Malted Milk Ice Cream and Double Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches with Cocoa Nibs

IMG_2966I’ve been obsessing over ice cream sandwiches for a few weeks now. I craved them after finding a food truck (Blu top Ice Cream Sandwiches) which made large cookie sandwiches filled with wonderful ice creams. Flavours such as; toast and jam, builders tea and bourbon whiskey feature on their menu. I’ve been dying to visit them at one of their weekly markets but for various reasons, I haven’t been able to go. A future post will pop up when I eventually go.

What does one do in these kind of dire situations? One recreates the desired treat at home!

Why not? Nothing better than a day spent in the warm hug of your kitchen; a treat like this waiting at the finish line.

One down side to having a blog is constantly attempting new recipes. Whenever I bake something, it’s always new. It’s very rare that I ever make something twice. Its my dream to have a cookie or pudding recipe that is my signature bake. I imagine my friends coming over and begging me to ‘make those cookies you make.’ Or I’d have that bread that I bake every week without fail. A constant supply of fresh bread in my house.

After considering this, I looked back through my cookie recipes and chose my rich, dark double chocolate cookie recipe. I remember not being able to resist these. Just pure unadulterated indulgence in cookie form. Both white chocolate chips and dark are required to make the perfect cookie. As is a hell of a lot of butter, dark brown sugar and a good sprinkling of sea salt.

Malt Ice cream is my number one choice for ice cream (honey coming in close second.) It was a no brainer that I’d recreate a Malteser in ice cream sandwich form. Malt ice cream squashed between chewy chocolate cookies, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with roasted cocoa nibs. I’ll leave you to just sit, salivate and think about all that.IMG_2900
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Spiced Pecan and Orange Butter Cookies

pecan cookies2

I love finding new cookie recipes. I love it because I love having stashes of them in the freezer. A whole array of them, glistening there like my own personal cookie shop.

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Rich, Dark, Double Chocolate Cookies

cookie stackWord of warning: please don’t get angry at me when you eat all 30 of these cookies, warm from the oven, without feeling any remorse.

It’s totally worth it. I’m speaking from experience.

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Almond Chocolate Rochers (GF)

meringue cookie pile I’ve been thinking about this post for about a week now. I’m suffering from a serious case of writers block.

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Ginger Treacle Cookies


I’ve been waiting for this for quite a long time.


Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon.

It’s that fuzzy feeling you get inside when you hear those jolly festive songs.

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Salty Sweet Truffle Cookies

Truffle cookiesChocolate, you have officially filled the spot of my boyfriend.

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Salted Caramel Shortbread biscuits

Caramel ShortbreadEasters about sweet stuff, right? About eating tons of chocolate and feeling completely guilt free about it. The fact that I ate a whole easter egg and 4 packets of M&Ms for breakfast this morning is completely acceptable, because its Easter.

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