A rich dark and gooey Chocolate Cake for Autumnal nights


It’s approaching that time of year when the sun retreats into the sky earlier and earlier, leaving us in dusky overcast light before we’ve even sat down for dinner. It’s the time when all you want it to do is hide under your covers every morning and leave the responsibilities shut outside where they can’t get you. Its the time when food becomes more than fuel for your body, it fuels your soul. You yearn for those familiar flavours, smells, comforts that somehow got forgotten over the past summer of raw salads.

I’ve been searching for a cake like this for a long time. A cake that you can throw together without much effort. A cake that has that envious gooey, shiny interior that we all thrive for in a chocolate cake. But most importantly for me, that deep rich dark colour. Nothing makes me ache more for a sweet snack than an intense dark brown crumb.

I can wholeheartedly admit to you that all I want after pounding the harsh concrete pavements of London and slugging through the rain is this. This isn’t a pretty cake. It’s not about that. This loaf cake is about cutting out the manners and getting straight to what you came for.

Although however raw, unrefined or informal a cake like this is; there’s still something ever so charming about it. It’s not a slice of cake that’s ‘too beautiful to eat.’ It practically screams at you to devour it. That said, unashamed, that’s what we shall do.


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Simple Homemade Granola

IMG_0953Breakfast is by far my favourite meal. Second is Sunday Lunch. Third – Dessert.

Weird order of preference for a baking obsessed 20 something pastry chef… I know. I just love having a mini lie-in on my day off and leisurely getting ready to face the outside world; the only thing propelling me forward is the thought of breakfast waiting for me at the end like a glistening prize. Theres something so glamorous about going out to eat breakfast. Continue reading “Simple Homemade Granola”

Eating at Borough Market

bm2Living on my own in London means I have two days off a week which are (usually) spent by myself.

I have two options here;

Option one: lie around all day eating dry cereal, not showering and watching Game of Thrones.

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