Soft Cinnamon Rolls with a Coffee Cream Cheese Glaze

IMG_5257IMG_5245I know what you’re thinking right now, because I’m thinking it too. I went way overboard with that glaze. Theres enough glaze there for three times the amount of Cinnamon Rolls I’ve baked.

I read on the internet somewhere that smothering your cinnamon buns in glorious glossy glaze while still hot from the oven, made them irresistibly moist as it settled into the cracks. I obviously took this literally and smothered until my heart was content. Trust me, I’m definitely content.

I have to admit though, that glaze really makes these rolls enticing. Just look at that shine! Its captivating buttery smell and glistening top lures you into the kitchen like a kid looking for the leftover cake batter spoon.

Sometimes when I bake something, I have no idea what its going to turn out like. Other times I know its going to be a disaster from the outset. And on the rare occasion everything goes so perfectly, I know whats going to emerge from my oven is going to be great. Just the smell of these as they were baking away in my kitchen made a smile play on my lips.

One thing that made these so perfect was that I made them solely for me. I didn’t spend days thinking of what I could bake for the blog to make it more diverse, interesting or unique. I had a craving for cinnamon buns and I made them. Just the way I like them. Just for me. Rustic, simple and humble. No fancy presentation, just the cinnamon bun. So ordinary but so charming too.IMG_5171IMG_5177IMG_5209IMG_5262IMG_5198IMG_5268

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Cheese, Onion and Rosemary Soda Bread

IMG_3219The weather seems to have taken a turn to rain and chilling winds along with the ever increasingly dark mornings and evenings. I’m honestly getting excited for christmas time already. A bit eager, I know.

As the light continues to retreat into the night earlier everyday, I seem to retreat indoors and into my comforts with way too much compliance. I snuggle in bed like its December and I’m cradling my steaming bowl of soup like a hot water bottle. I’m unable to pull  myself out of bed in the morning with any sort of vigour due to the darkness. I need to get a grip. It’s strange how the seasons change you.

Most of the time, all I want to eat is fresh bread. Keep it simple with lashings of slightly salty butter. Before this, I had only made Soda Bread in school. Once. Whenever I’ve made bread, I always immediately reach for my yeast; completely dismissing any thought to soda bread. This is probably partly to do with the fact that the soda bread at school turned out bland, dense and boring.

One of my friends, a fellow pastry chef, makes ‘cheese balls’ for the rest of the team about once a week. They’re made with tapioca flour and have this weird but irresistible stringy, elastic texture that I can only now associate with these bread balls. Theres just something about cheese and bread that is so reassuring and soothing.

This Soda Bread is comforting, quick and most of all; tasty. I absolutely love the combination of Cheese, sweet Onion and fragrant Rosemary. Accompanied by a dash of smoked paprika, you’re left with a warm, sweet but savoury loaf that’s packed with welcoming flavour that oozes temptation.

IMG_3198 IMG_3196IMG_3259

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Plum Creme Patissiere Brioche Tart

IMG_0176The internet is swallowing me up.

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Chocolate and Hazelnut Butter Buns with Orange Glaze

hazelnut bunI’m pretty sure every baker out there will know the giddy feeling you get from the smell of freshly baked bread.

A feeling of complete relaxation when that sweet warm aroma wafts around you. You let go of every worry and loose yourself in that pure fresh scent that can only come from pure fresh bread. Then comes the half hour of torment as it cools. You fight the urge to slice off a steaming piece. The bread rarely wins and I’m usually found in a huddle with my treasure, melting into the sofa, engulfed with indulgence. Continue reading “Chocolate and Hazelnut Butter Buns with Orange Glaze”

The Beginning of a Bread Obsession: Sourdough Starter

starter is aliveFollowers please meet Enrique. Enrique please meet followers.

You two are going to become very intimate over the course of the next few weeks.

Yes, Enrique is my Sourdough Starter. And yes, I talk about him like he’s my boyfriend.

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Pretzel Buns

BunThere are some foods which should be stared at, admired from every angle. You want to breathe in its sweet scent and savour every delicate mouthful.

Then there are dishes like these poached egg and crispy pancetta pretzel buns. The kind that doesn’t give you enough time to gaze at its oozing sunshine yellow yolk because you just want to eat it. It just looks so damn tasty that you can’t resist taking a huge bite out of it before getting decent photos. Continue reading “Pretzel Buns”