Blood Orange and Ginger Almond Cake


I havent seemed to be around here at all since the new year. I’ve been spending my days wrapped up in home yoga, enjoying a more savoury side of cooking and trying to cram in as much time with family and friends as I can. As much as I’ve missed my blogging internet self, It was some much-needed time to re-ground myself and remember whats important to me in preparation for a great year to follow.

I havent set any fancy new years resolutions this year, just one. To welcome the coming year with an open heart and open mind (and also looking after my self as a number one priority, but this should just be a given!)

Yes ok, cake isn’t exactly nourishing food but it is nourishment for the soul. Life would be pure hell without the little pleasures.

Blood oranges are a charming fruit to grab while they’re still around. I love how unsuspecting they look from the outside. As soon as you cut through that ordinary peel, you’re hit with a citrus sweet fragrance and an eyeful of juicy burnt orange flesh. Every time I cut into one I’m amazed at the colour.

I decided to make this cake using mostly ground almonds as it gives a great texture contrast to the squidgey orange pieces. Adding in a dash of ground ginger really brings the blood oranges and the sponge together. We’re finally coming out of the depths of winter and gearing up for all of the gleaming fruits and vegetables to come this spring. Cooking delicious food becomes an easy task when nature does all the work for you.


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Gingerbread Pancakes with Almonds and Maple Roasted Pear

img_4275I had big plans for this post. I was going to blab about my recent trip to Iceland and post this finger licking recipe with it. However, after having a quick hour long peek gaze through my photos, I’ve realised how many photos I want to share and that it’s completely incomprehensible to put it all into one post. You’d probably fall asleep on your keyboard by the end. All the while thinking, where the f is this recipe?!

So to save those of you who’re here for the recipe, I’ll save my romantic Iceland babble about how I want to repeatedly travel there forever and ever and ever, for another post.

I’m sure a lot of you are pretty ecstatic that November has finally arrived. I adore Autumn. The coziness, the hot drinks, the shameless eating begins. I swear that my body just needs an extra layer of fat every year. This is why it craved a biscuit tin of 40 Bourbon biscuits… (you probably think I’m joking but the tin of biscuits next to me right now says otherwise.)

I’m having to show real restraint with christmas decorations this month. I can’t stop going into Oxford Street every week and staring at the same christmas decorations, revisiting the same shops I went into the week before. I desperately wanted to haul them up this week but my co-workers have repeatedly chimed that its way too early. I’ll wait one more week.

As the cold weather approaches, so do the spices, chutney, cheese, nuts and old music. There aren’t many breakfasts I can think of that scream autumn to me, but this one certainly does.

Whenever I go home to see my Mum, she makes me fluffy American blueberry pancakes. She uses a Jamie Oliver recipe and I love them so much I decided to tweak them a little to taste like gingerbread. Queue black treacle and ginger. Sprinkling flaked almonds on one side of the pancake adds a lovely note of nutty flavour and texture. A warm, sticky, sweet roasted pear permeated with maple syrup couldn’t be a better accompaniment to this gorgeous breakfast treat.

img_4161 IMG_4196 img_4214 img_4267

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Parsnip, Hazelnut and Stem Ginger Loaf Cake

IMG_0999Every week, me and my friend/colleague are tasked with coming up with three different desserts to put onto the Du Jour menu at work. This is by far, the best part of my job. It’s something I’ve had to earn; no more monotonous cookie dough rolling, cutting and baking for me! My role is so much more creative now; my imagination is let loose like an artist on a blank untouched canvas. The kitchen is my playground. Continue reading “Parsnip, Hazelnut and Stem Ginger Loaf Cake”

Ginger, Orange and Pear Cake (and A Trip to the Sea)

Ginger and Pear slice

I love being by the Sea. It’s peaceful, clarifying, refreshing and beautiful.

I have vowed to myself that I will move to the coast at some point in my life, hopefully buy a house, get a dog and be carefree. Now I know life isn’t as peachy as that but I can dream. Continue reading “Ginger, Orange and Pear Cake (and A Trip to the Sea)”

Citrus Madeline Sponge, Strawberries and Cream with Roasted Strawberry and Ginger Ice Cream

finishedAfter making the Roasted Strawberry and Ginger Ice Cream last weekend, I decided that I should really show you how I would make that pretty ice cream into a dessert.

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Roasted Strawberry and Ginger Ice Cream (GF)

ic My Ice cream maker is broken.

After two long hours of trying to revive it, it’s official. RIP Frank.

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Strawberry, Peach and Ginger Crumble

crumble portion close

This week has been… tiring.

I mean, ‘did i just open the fridge to get a saucepan?’ kind of tiring.

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Salted Caramel Ginger Sticky Buns

Salted Ginger Caramel Sticky BunsSo, my friends.

Its 4 days until Christmas.

I’m trying to keep calm.

But hmshsohfndofdd I CAN’T!

I want to fill my belly with ginger cookies and cram my head with christmas tunes.

Eat every single thing in sight.

Shake all the presents under the tree with my name on them.

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