Quick, healthy Oat & Banana Pancakes (Vegan/Gluten Free)

IMG_6130Pancakes are what I live for. A day off is not complete without pancakes in there somewhere.

If you follow me on instagram then you would’ve seen my insta-stories are always packed with these babies as their one of my favourite breakfasts.ย This recipe has been a firm favourite since day one. These aren’t a fluffy american-style pancake, they’re filling and a little spongy in the middle.

When I wasn’t plant-based, I used to make this recipe but it included an egg. After becoming vegan, I tried to adapt the recipe without the egg and without the need of a flax or chia ‘egg’. (Because my stomach can’t afford to wait 5 minutes for the chia to soak. Lets be real.) But I could never get the ratio of oats/milk right and they were always too liquid, too dense or they stuck to the pan like a motherf*****.

Alas I finally cracked it and have been eating these for a while now. I don’t take credit for this recipe, as I found it originally somewhere on the internet a long time ago, but have adapted it to fit my needs now. This morning I cooked a batch, jumped into my bed to eat them when I thought, ‘I should really put these on the blog.’ Not because this is some sort of earth shattering amazing break-through, but because I feel like everyone deserves to have such an easy and gratifying recipe. So I ran to grab my camera and took some quick snaps (these are probably the most impromptu, quickest photos I’ve ever taken; in my bed no less.)

What I love about these pancakes is that they’re so easy to knock up and are actually good for you! Just 4 ingredients. That’s it! No flour, no butter, no eggs, no sugar. Nothing. So yes, I know you’re thinking they probably taste like crap. But I assure you, you can say goodbye to your traditional pancakes and hello to these fibre and vitamin filled delights. A sweet breakfast to keep you full until lunchtime.


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Simple Homemade Granola

IMG_0953Breakfast is by far my favourite meal. Second is Sunday Lunch. Third – Dessert.

Weird order of preference for a baking obsessed 20 something pastry chef… I know. I just love having a mini lie-in on my day off and leisurely getting ready to face the outside world; the only thing propelling me forward is the thought of breakfast waiting for me at the end like a glistening prize. Theres something so glamorous about going out to eat breakfast. Continue reading “Simple Homemade Granola”

Strawberry, Peach and Ginger Crumble

crumble portion close

This week has beenโ€ฆ tiring.

I mean, ‘did i just open the fridge to get a saucepan?’ kind of tiring.

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Chocolate and Oat Cookies


There are some things in life which every person should have as a human right. Cookies, for example, should be a human right. What would tea be without the humble biscuit?

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